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Joe (Alabama) 4/7/2016 8:33 PM
Great product!! Only some 'minor' issues: on/off switch on battery needs to take more effort to switch. Maybe recess it with a cover? Velcro strap on throttle button tends to slide around when on handlebars: simple fix is use a 1/2-inch hose clamp. This item really deserves a 10 Star rating!
hilltopper motor kit
jacqueline (kissimme,florida) 12/5/2015 3:48 PM
I love my hilltopper motor ! I have an adult trike and it was such an effort to go shopping , especially on windy days ! Now, that I have this motor it's a breeze ! I'm in my 60's and I'm an independent person. I like to get up and go ! Now I can with my hilltopper ! Thank you clean republic for making such a great product !
Great for uphills
Larry (Minnesota) 6/30/2014 2:56 PM
I have the 10 mile battery. Going to my daughters is 14.5 miles. I use it for uphills and half the time on flat roads. Average speed of 12.4 miles an hour. biking without the hilltopper I would average 6.8 miles an hour. I carry about 25 pounds on the back rack. I ran out of power a block from my daughters house. I think because of the hills, the extra weight and going against the wind I only got about 7 miles. I really like the hilltopper a lot. Pedaling uphill requires very little effort to help the motor. It's fun to ride. I'm going to buy the 20 mile battery soon. That will more than enough to get to my daughters house with the extra weight.
Love my hilltopper
Tandra (Orinda, CA) 12/25/2013 11:47 AM
I have a bad knee with osteoarthritis. The hilltopper allows me to use my bike for transportation. I rarely have to drive for any trip less than 30 miles - I just use my bike. It's wonderful.
Love the Hilltopper!
Suzy (Florida) 6/30/2013 5:47 PM
This was perfect for my riding. I didn't want the look of an electric bike and I was able to put this on my mountain bike myself It gives me just the right amount of assist when I need it. No more pushing the bike up hills!

Benefits of an extra battery pack: 8 Mile Economy Hill Topper riders can easily double their range with the 20-Mile Lithium, or reduce their battery weight with the 12-Mile 3lb Lithium Sprinter battery pack. Take advantage of the 40-Mile Lithium Elite Twinpack option to maximize your range. Lithium Hill Topper riders can also use this page to double their range with additional battery packs.

Plug & Play upgrade.

These fantastic battery packs are fully compatible with all Hill Toppers and ProPacks! This is the same battery pack that comes included in the Hill Topper kit. If you currently ride a 8 Mile Economy Hill Topper you can get the 12 or 20-mile lithium as an upgrade all while increasing your range and also lowering your system weight!

Package includes a battery pack unit of your choice.

U.S./Intl battery charger sold separately on charger page. This is optional if you already have a charger that matches your battery type.


  • Battery pack weight: 12-mile 6.6Ah lithium is 3lbs, 20-mile 10Ah lithium is 4.5lbs, 8-mile 7Ah Economy battery is 5lbs.
  • Recharge time: 6 hours for the 20-mile lithium batteries, 2.5 hours for the 8-mile Economy and 12-mile Lithium Sprinter.
  • Recharge cycle ratings: 500 for the lithium, 400 for the Economy
  • Tough 1050 denier ballistic-grade nylon weatherproof cargo bag with 3 heavy duty straps
  • No matter what your wheel size, this battery pack plugs directly into your existing motor cable in the same way your current battery pack does. It comes complete in a rugged ballistic nylon weatherproof bag with multiple cargo straps for seat, rack, main bar, or other mounting positions.

Like riding your Hill Topper electric bike kit now? Try increasing the range and decreasing the weight, and you'll be in e-bike heaven.