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Best invention ever!!
Karuna (Florida) 1/5/2016 1:14 PM
I just received my e-bike kit yesterday and my daughter installed it today in less than 10 minutes, watching the online video. So straightforward & simple to install! I bought LEED's e-bike kit a few months ago and finally took it to my local bike shop for help after trying for an hour or more to install it ourselves. None of us ever got the unit installed & working properly. It was cumbersome, difficult and LEED customer service was not helpful. I probably lost about $150 between the bike shop fees & the return postage (which LEED would not pay). The Hill Topper is amazing. I wish I'd gotten it years ago and I'm hoping I can spare others from the LEED experience I had. Everyone should have a Hill Topper! I'm retired, travel frequently in my RV and my bike is my only means of transportation once I reach my destination. I no longer have to worry about going too far and being unable to make it back home. So happy I can explore more now! If you've been thinking about an e-bike conversion kit, this is certainly the one I would recommend. Now I can keep up with my daughter & my grandson when we go riding!
Great product, Great service
Dave C. (Cali.) 12/24/2015 12:27 PM
I went car-less about a year ago. My Hill-topper on an Electra Cruiser ( 3 speed) makes it easy and practical. My commute is 7 miles round trip and my town is about 10 miles across. Living in wine country, the traffic on weekends can be very heavy. I just cruse on by. Its great! What I like most about the kit is how basic it is. --- No on-board computers --- No electronic peddle assist --- No handle bar display Just a motor, a battery and a switch. Excellent! And the customer service is top notch. I had a custom harness made and through some miscommunication ( probably on my end) it was wrong. One e-mail, and I had a return shipping label and a new harness in about a week. Perfect! With the battery hidden in a pannier, and the wiring concealed under handle bar tape, I've had people follow me into parking lots to ask me " I saw you pass those guys on road bikes. What kind of bike is that?" Then it's a 10 minuet conversation about what a Clean Republic Hill Topper is, and where to get one. Last Word If you want to ride more, go father and have some fun, pull the trigger and get a Hill topper.
Turned my life around!
Barbara Banks (Atlanta GA) 12/4/2015 10:43 AM
This 55-year old grandma has loved biking since my youth but haven't done it since moving to hilly GA in the 1990s. Now, I'm older, fatter, arthritic. I'm currently working (as a nanny) only a mile from home, but I carry a HUGE bag of FUN for the kiddies every day, and couldn't manage with a backpack. I also knew that without knee replacement, I couldn't currently negotiate the steep hills of this city. I began researching tricycles, and spent about 6 months wavering between affordable pre-motorized bikes, from companies with BAD reputations, and cheapo trikes to which I could add a motor. I finally settled on a Schwinn Meridian and Electric-Bike-Kit. And I couldn't be happier. There are a lot of things I didn't consider about riding a trike on these narrow urban streets. The road crown really throws you off at first, and trying to stay to that invisible "bike lane", I nearly had to quit. Upright Trikes are LESS stable than bicycles, and taking a turn at speed, or bringing the vehicle up short in an emergency, takes a good deal of practice. I'm pleased to say I'm GETTING that practice. The kit was a breeze to assemble, and the power provided (12-mi lithium) is JUST ENOUGH to make me work pretty hard getting up the steepest hills, which is just what I wanted. (I do use an exercycle on days I can't get outside.) It's getting chilly in GA now, and commuter traffic is NOT kind to a waddling old gal on a trike. I've bought a neon vest and flashing front and rear lights. But with my trike I can cut through the park to get to work and home again, and when they finish the new grocery store a mile in the other direction, I might retire my car altogether! My enthusiasm inspired my sedentary husband was inspired to buy himself a "REAL" (21-sp) bike, and has been getting out almost every day, so you have reformed 2 couch potatoes into budding athletes, Clean Republic!
I've been using it on an adult tricycle for years
Gail (Napa, CA) 12/2/2015 7:17 AM
This is a wonderful set-up. I've been using it on my adult (HEAVY) three-wheel bike for about 5 years now. I still have the same wheel and battery and they're going strong. I typically ride 8-10 miles with a 20 pound dog in the basket at times and this kit really powers through. Can't say enough good things. I have two more bikes that I have put the kit on so friends can come along and have several more friends that have purchased kits. They all love their kits.
Jeff Arnold (Zenda WI) 11/12/2015 8:07 AM
I just had to put my bike away for the winter. My commute starts at 6:30 am and it is now just too cold and dark at that time. I now have 5,217.67 miles on my first Hilltopper that I purchased in 2011. It has never given me one minute of trouble. I did upgrade to a 20 mile Li battery this year, but the original sla was still just fine. My wife is only able to ride at all because of her Hilltopper. She has to use assist most of the time. On one ride this summer she got 27 miles out of her battery! We have tried a couple ebikes, but the Hilltoppers do the job for a lot less money. Thank you for a great product.

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Your bike becomes an E-bike in 5 minutes.

  • Faster than a car! Bikes are faster than cars in total commute terms. Avoid delays of traffic, parking and indirect routes. It's cheaper too: no maintenance, insurance, or gas!
  • No new bike required Convert your own bike to electric power in minutes from home.
  • Fun and healthy Ride farther, longer, and more often, conquer "that one darn hill", and arrive without sweat!

Excellent Prices

$499-$1,049 with battery choice at left of screen.
  • How far do you have to go? Price for complete kit
    Economy$4998 miles5 lbs24-volt Lithium
    Sprinter$59912 miles3 lbs24-volt Lithium
    Commuter$69920 miles4.5 lbs24-volt Lithium
    Ranger$79920 miles7.5 lbs 36-volt Lithium
    Twin Pack$104940 miles4.5 lbs*224-volt Lithium
  • Shipping Costs about $35-$50 inside U.S. and $100-200 international. Calculate exactly in shopping cart.

All Parts Included 24v/36v

Motorwheel, Battery, Charger. Ride the day it arrives! Click for specifications.
Battery & Wheel included. Choose your battery and wheel size pair from the drop-down menu to the left.
Includes (everything you need to ride the day your kit arrives):
  • Complete Wheel 24", 26", 700c (28" and 29") Sizes available. (tube, tire, rim) with 250-watt, 24-volt or 350-watt, 36-volt brushless planetary hub motor (motor is sealed, rain and mud-proof). Compatible with disc or regular brakes. The 250-watt motor wheel assists you up to 15mph when you engage the Grip Switch while the 350-watt Ranger assists you up to 20mph. Makes you feel three times stronger. Click for more specs
  • Battery 12-Mile Lithium Sprinter: 6.6Ah 3lb (2.5"x3"x8"); 20-Mile Lithium Commuter: 10Ah 4.5lb (3"x5"x8"); 40-Mile Twin Pack includes a pair of two 20-Mile Lithium batteries; 8-Mile Economy: 7Ah 5lb Lithium type battery (6"x6"x4.5"); 36-volt, 7Ah 7.5lb (6"x4"x11") Pre-installed in a rain and mud-proof quick-attach seat bag (choose in drop-down menu). Click for more specs
  • Grip Switch (24v) or Variable Thumb Throttle (36v) On/Off handlebar motor control installs quickly, lets YOU control when the battery gets used (for 250 watt kits only). Our new 350-watt, 36-volt Ranger kits includes a variable speed thumb throttle.
  • Charger (smart/auto shutoff) for U.S./International 110-240v, 50-60hz wall sockets or extension cords.
  • Specs More specs? click on the topic: battery or wheel

Does it fit my bike? Yes!

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Shipping & Warranty

Ready to ship today! Full one-year warranty
  • Standard 2-year warranty on all parts except for the battery, which is covered by a 1-year warranty. If you have any quality issue with any electric bike kit component we'll replace it at no extra charge. Additional 2 year warranty coverage available (choose in Order Box to the left). See details
  • Shipping Costs About $30 inside U.S. and $50-100 International. Calculate in shopping cart.


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