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  • by bobauch » Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:52 am

    Keeping up with the wife

    I'm 80 and my wife is a good ways younger and likes to bike.. last week we were out for 18 miles on a local rail trail. Love my Hill levels the effort. 

    She gets exercise and I can keep up for the conversation. Got back and still had three lights on the lithium battery.

  • by Tollehouse » Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:07 pm

    I love this invention

    I am 66yr old with bad heart failure. Staying at home was boring but I did not have enough energy to peddle around the block. Very short rides. Now I can go for a 45 minute ride. The motor gets the bike up to speed then I peddle until tired and then hit the throttle and rest for a minute. I don't quit and go back home. It turned my 15 yr old Walmart Schwinn into a Cadillac. Life is better.


  • by » Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:09 pm

    Electric Bike on the Road!

    Bought the ProPack Lithium, shipped Feb10, arrived here, Calgary Canada, Feb21. Fast service from Clean Republic. 

    Started the conversion today, Feb23, on the 26" wheeled, 2-speed cruiser this afternoon at 2PM. Built the wheel, converted the bike and test rode at 6PM. Original weight of Cruiser, including fenders, rear rack and studded Schwalbe tires: 32 pounds. New weight of electric bike: 47 pounds. 

    GPS measured speed on snow covered streets at -19.5C (-3.1F): 26.4kph (16.4mph). 

    Will post PICs within the next couple of days. Excellent experience - thanks Clean Republic. Components top notch, kit complete, and everything went together easily. 


    Calgary Canada

  • by drunkrussian » Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:16 pm

    Car free in New England

    Just wanted to share my story/review on the Hill Topper. This went on a 2010 Redline Conquest Sport. I've had the kit for one week now, and it has been great. Install was quick, and I think i spent more time cleaning up the wires, than putting everything on. When I frist took it out I was a bit concerned. Yes, the bike gets a bit heavier, and in my case it also felt weird having a few extra pounds on the rear. I thought I made a mistake, and wouldn't like it. But that changed by the morning of day 3. I have a 8 mile round trip to work, if I don't go anywhere else. I have a few hills, and the wind can be a real pain. Doesn't seem like much of a commute, but when I get to work, I change, and get to business. No sit down for coffee, no real breaks, and i'm there up to 15 hours, almost all on my feet. By the end of the week I don't even want to ride a mile. But like I said, by day 3 there was no doubt that I was keeping the Hill Topper. I was use to the extra pounds on the bike. And my legs, refreshed everyday, and I still got my workout. Bottom line, I am able to enjoy my rides even more, still burn of calories, and melt away stress faster. I also wanted to add a few other details. In the past week we have had snow, melting snow, and ice. The H-T has been fine going through it all. I also have studded tires on, and have had no problems going over ice with the kit on.


  • by rainguad » Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:12 pm

    New life to old mountain bike

    I had this mid-90s GT rusting in the tool shed so I decided to clean it, restore it, and convert it to an electric bike to ride to work. I sanded off the rust, replaced only the seat and grips, painted it flat black, and bolted on an Army ammo box that was also in the shed. I lock the battery in the ammo box so I won't have to carry it around, and I ran the wires under the top bar and through a hole I cut into the ammo box. Most people don't realize it's motorized; they just love the look!

  • by Jim203 » Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:22 pm

    Dahon Espresso Folding Hill Topper, Fairfield, Connecticut

    I just installed your excellent hill topper on my 2006 Dahon Espresso 26" folding bike. It delivers as promised and was an easy installation. I am very pleased with it. 

    Now those few steep hills around my house will not keep me from enjoying some great rides and getting a lot of exercise.

  • by martin75gk » Sun May 30, 2010 3:11 pm

    The AMAZING Pro Pack put to use...

    I received my Pro Pack about a month ago and after a few obstacles, my electric bike is running great. After putting extra washers to give a little space for the mtr to run freely and finding the right spoke length for 27" wheels, I'm very happy with the results. I live near the ocean and always get that offshore breeze to ride against when heading to school. My school isn't that far away... but after 3-hour long basketball practices, the last thing I want to do is pedal home (with occasional wind heading toward the beach). The Hill Topper is truly amazing... I can't wait to upgrade my kit to 36 volts for a little extra speed and distance (more obstacles). I wish more people in Newport Beach rode electric bikes to work and/or school! For me it would truly be a great sight instead of a seeing Mercedes' and Porsche's all over the place. Come and check out my youtube video of this bike. I will be uploading it in the near future...

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