12v Solar Hot Water Heater Pump

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Solar Hot Water Pump
Solar Hot Water PumpSolar Hot Water Pump

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The perfect pump for DIY solar hot water.

  • Versatile functions for all designs: Easily connects and self-primes in-line or submerged in a tank.
  • Optimized for solar: Designed and built for DIY solar hot water. Not a 'toy pump'.
  • Excellent Price & Service: Best U.S. service, price, and suite of high-end features available!

Connect this easy-to-use pump to your Heat Streamer or other solar system, submerge it into your storage tank or plumb it in-line at any point, and you're ready to go! Free, reliable shipping direct to your door, worldwide, with standard carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL & USPS). No hassling with slow, expensive freight companies like our competitors use! Same-day shipping for orders made before noon.

-Purchase Includes
-12v Solar Water Pump (one unit). Max water flow: 20 liters/min. Rated voltage: 12V DC, Rated current: 2.8A
-1/2-inch CPVC thread adapters for universal connection options (two units).

Compare Other Pumps

Reliable. Better performance than cheaper pumps.
    But why not a cheaper pump? Be careful with the cheap ones, like this:
    Solar Hot Water Pump
    You might find pumps like the one pictured above with very cheap prices. They are good for toys, but not for reliable solar systems! Often the above-pictured pump types will not start easily even with a well-suited solar panel or power source because of their high starting friction. If a cloud, tree, or other shadow blocks your solar electrical power the above-pictured pump may not turn back on mid-day, or not turn on at all and may need to be hand started (really annoying).

Detailed Advantages

Long life, advanced motor, FDA approved & more.
-Advanced low-power starting technology built in! Pump will always start back up after power has been cut, and pump will run well even at half power on a 'semi-sunny' day. A huge difference compared to cheaper pumps.
-Can be fit into your system 'in-line' with plumbing, or can be connected only on one nozzle and fully submerged in a tank. Many other pumps do not offer you this design flexibility and are not submersible. This one is.
-High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with a lifetime of 20,000 hours.
-Advanced magnetic driving technology completely seals motor from water.
-Can accept a widely varying input voltage for stable operation with 12v batteries or solar panels.
-Durable permanent magnetic rotor with single injection impeller for smooth balance.
-Ready for 24-Hour continuous work.
-Can sustain hot water temp up to 221F (105C)
-FDA approved for safety usage.
-Over-voltage and over-current protection, little to no maintenance, polarity protection.
-Dimensions shown in picture gallery are in millimeters.

We're looking forward to getting you moving with your solar system work, and are always here to help with tech support and advice. Buy today and get started!