The production process of lithium batteries is arguably as complex and important as the materials in the batteries themselves. There are many steps in this production process and a factory with a long history, good machinery, and high production volume will have an easier time producing a high-quality, safe battery than a start-up factory or a shop that does only small production batches. This is because quality control tolerances are easier to dial in as production volume and the size of the manufacturing operation increase. An example of one of many specific detailed steps that must be done well is the application of a polymer compound separator. Many lithium battery manufactures have relied on simpler liquid compound processes that can leak and be very dangerous if a battery cell is damaged. Our manufacturer uses a hardened compound process which adds significant stability and safety to the cells. Ukko builds its wildly popular Big Lithium battery using the same high-end lithium nickel-cobalt-manganese polymer cells its supplier manufactures for electric wheelchair distributors and full electric bike producers. A big Lithium battery is made up of many smaller batteries called "cells" inside the outer battery casing. Ultimately it is the quality standard by which these individual cells are produced that determines the performance, reliability, stability, and safety of the actual battery. 

 The cells in the Ukko lithium batteries are specifically chosen from one of the largest volume (50,000 unit per month) production lines inside our cell supplier's factory. Basically this means that the cells in your Hill Topper electric bike conversion kit are manufactured to the same safety and stability standards required by the other large customers of our cell manufacturer who produce electric wheelchairs, medical equipment, and high-end full electric bikes. There's a big difference between this type of cell production and small-scale project-based manufacturing. In other words, a world-class electric wheelchair producer is not going to be satisfied with a lithium battery wrapped up in duct tape selling on e-Bay from a small-scale production run, and neither are we, so we have our battery custom built from the same cells that already meet these high standards of other large companies.