Battery Info SLA 1

Lead acid batteries are generally the simplest, most economical, and most rugged type of rechargeable battery compared to other commonly available types, and are therefore an excellent choice for the power source of an electric bike. The "lead acid" type of battery technology has been around for hundreds of years and there are many mass production processes that have been studied and optimized for making specific types of lead acid battery for specific applications. One result of this long history is that many ways to lower the production cost of lead acid batteries have been tested and applied on very large scales, making this type of battery very affordable.

One type of battery in this family is called the Sealed Lead Acid or "SLA" battery. The term "sealed" implies that even though the battery contains a liquid inside the casing, the battery can be stored and even used in any orientation without the liquid inside spilling out. The permanently sealed casings on this type of battery, once sealed during production, are rarely designed to be opened up, so the battery can be safely stored or used on its side or even upside down without any leakage. Sealed lead acid batteries are great for medium sized systems like electric bikes. Systems that run medium sized motors like bike hub motors or small boat trolling motors are a good application for SLA batteries.