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5 years and still going strong on original battery.
james (OR) 9/1/2018 6:31 AM
Light usage but this kit is still going great at 5 years. I may need a battery someday but I can't notice it yet. Most of my trips are 3 to 4 miles. I love my 24 volt kit and the pure simplicity of it.
5 Stars
Sarah B (Lower Michigan) 6/15/2018 8:34 AM
This is actually the third kit I have purchased in 7 years. I bought this set up for a relative who loved mine. I have been so pleased and highly recommend!
Love My Ride-Battery Though Questionable
Steven Baker (Montrose, Colorado) 2/14/2017 2:34 PM
I have had my Hilltopper for about five years. I have severe COPD and unable to ride without assist except downhill or on flat. I live at 6,000 ft. in the mountains of Colorado. I love my bike when I have a good battery. Riding a few hundred miles per year around small town and when batteries are new they work well. I just lost two of the expensive 12 mi. range ones that died just after 1 yr. warranty so out something like $500. If you buy, dbl. check your battery condition continually (not just green light-ride the miles and clock them on t he flat, and be sure to send in for warranty as soon as you note a dip in mileage. My last one was still working for my short trips and then just died and I had not fully checked it out for some miles and was probably dying for some time with less and less miles left in it though green light on charger indicated good. Keep checking and send it in as soon as not performing as it should, otherwise you will be out of warranty period. The motors are not serviceable and have sealed bearings that cannot be serviced, thus when it begins grating and making odd noises, motor is failing or battery is weak. I lost one at only a few hundred miles but company replaced it. Love the bike when it works but the batteries have to start doing better. Without the bike my copd has essentially grounded me so will just have to grin and bear the cost of new battery. SB
Love my E-wheel
Charles Senrick (Bloomington, Illinois) 7/15/2016 12:38 PM
I've had my e-wheel about 3 weeks. Recieved it about one week after ordering. Installed in 15 minutes. Got the small battery.(8 mile) perfect for my comute to work. Charges from dead to full in less than 2 hours. Love it. No drag when not using, so pedaling is a breeze. Definatly going to purchase the 40 mile battery
2 years and still going strong on original 12 mile battery
james (Oregon) 6/5/2016 10:11 PM
I've had my hilltopper for 2 years with light usage and I had it stored 9 months without charging. i just used it today and it still has great charge capacity and runs great. I converted an old 6 speed beach cruiser (a heavy steel bike). It was an easy installation. It is difficult to see that the bike is electric which is great. I am 56 and this makes riding like I was a kid again. FUN! I would give it 6 stars if I could. I love the pure simplicity of this system and ten minute install. I bought the $599 12 mile pkg.

Benefits of an extra battery pack: 12 Mile Sprinter Hill Topper riders can easily almost double their range with the 20-Mile Lithium. Take advantage of the 40-Mile Lithium Elite Twinpack option to maximize your range. Lithium Hill Topper riders can also use this page to double their range with additional battery packs. Owners of our 36 V, 350 W Ranger or Horizon kits can purchase an extra battery pack to extend their range.

Plug & Play upgrade.

*NEW* Our 12-mile sprinter and 20-mile Commuter batteries will now come in a sleek neoprene casing and velcro straps for more versatile mounting options.

Be sure that note that the voltage of your battery pack must match the voltage of your kit. The 24 V and 36 V batteries are not cross-compatible. This is the same battery pack that comes included in the Hill Topper kit.

Package includes a battery pack unit of your choice. Battery will ship one week from time of purchase.

U.S./Intl battery charger sold separately on charger page. This is optional if you already have a charger that matches your battery type.


  • Battery pack weight: 12 mile 24 volt 6.6Ah Sprinter is 3lbs, 20 mile 24 volt 10Ah Commuter is 4.5lbs. The 10-25 mile 36 volt 7Ah Ranger is 7.5lbs, and the 17-40 mile 36 volt 11.6 Ah Horizon is 5lbs.
  • Recharge time: 6 hours for the 20 mile lithium batteries, 2.5 hours for the 12 mile Lithium Sprinter, 5 hours for the 36 volt Ranger, and 6 hours for the 36 volt Horizon.
  • Recharge cycle ratings: 500.
  • Tough 1050 denier ballistic-grade nylon weatherproof cargo bag with 3 heavy duty straps for all but the Horizon battery, which comes in a plastic case that mounts to the frame.
  • No matter what your wheel size, this battery pack plugs directly into your existing motor cable in the same way your current battery pack does.

Like riding your Hill Topper electric bike kit now? Try increasing the range and decreasing the weight, and you'll be in e-bike heaven.