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Randy Hopkins (Meridian ID) 9/7/2017 9:16 AM
I bought the Horizon because Ive been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. I'm still functional but stopped driving making me more or less home-bound. The motor was an easy installation though my bike did have the mounting points in the frame to quickly attach the battery very securely. The horizon has been incredible so far allowing me to greatly extend my ability to get around the area. Im getting a Hill Topper bike soon for my wife to use so we can ride longer distances together together. I felt funny about having a front wheel drive since bikes generally use the rear but its turned out fantastic and everyone ive let ride it has come back literally raving and envious of it. (if your going to insure it check with your agent first, the Horizon is just beyond what State Farm will cover)
zooming up hills
Kerrie D (Seattle) 7/9/2017 4:16 PM
The Hill Topper has changed my Seattle bike riding experience. The hills used to crush me and now I zoom up them! Biking in Seattle is a much more pleasant experience now. Great product and wonderful customer service experience. I highly recommend! My Surly flies now!
commute boosted. good service.
Mary H (Seattle) 7/4/2017 3:13 PM
I have recently added the Hill Topper Commuter pack to my personal bike. I am a regular bike commuter, and having the Hill Topper kit has greatly increased how easy and enjoyable my commute is now. The hills are a breeze! When trying to decide which size kit to get, I consulted with one of the sales rep, and felt I received excellent customer service. They gave great advice based on my personal needs and usage of my bike. I also had a couple questions after I installed the kit, and received equally timely and thorough responses from the team. I highly recommend this product!!
good vibes with this one!
Derek L (Washington) 7/4/2017 3:06 PM
I recently cruised around sodo and Georgetown on the hill topper. Barely peddled once and cruised with ease amongst the traffic! Super durable and able to withstand bumps and curbs. Simple to set up. I have one on my surly cross check. Love the ride on the steel frame. Thinking it would be super cool on a beach bike for cruising down surf breaks with my board.

Any style bike: Any power system!

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Step 2: Choose power system (your picture appears).

Quality e-bikes, tailored to you, by experts.

    E-bikes are new, but not to us. Pick the bike that's perfect for you, and confidently join thousands of happy people already enjoying our legendary electric power systems. Hill Topper electric bikes, by Ukko Concepts.
  • Faster than a car Bikes are often faster than cars in total commute terms. Avoid delays of traffic, parking and indirect routes, and it's cheaper: less maintenance, insurance, gas!
  • Familiar ride and feel High quality components you've always had (unlike competitors), now with electric power.
  • Fun and healthy Ride farther, longer, and more often, conquer "that one darn hill", and arrive without sweat!

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$699-$1399 Choose bike & power at left of screen.
  • STEP 1: What's your bike style? Choose your favorite bike
    Bike Style Bike PriceBest UseWeight
    Folding MTB$600Rough road30 lbs
    City Ultra$400Commuting25 lbs
    City$200Neighborhood25 lbs

  • STEP 2: How far do you ride? Choose your power system
    Horizon$79917-40 miles13 lbs36-volt Lithium
    Ranger$69912-20 miles16 lbs36-volt Lithium
    Commuter$59920 miles10 lbs24-volt Lithium
    Sprinter$49912 miles9 lbs24-volt Lithium
  • Flat Shipping Costs $80 in U.S., $150 Canada, $350 intl.

All Parts Included 24v/36v

Motorwheel, Battery, Charger. Buy with confidence, and ride the day it arrives! Click for specifications.
Complete power system included. Choose your power system from the drop-down menu to the left. Your package includes everything you need to ride the day it arrives:
  • Quality Bicycle Components:
    -Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes, reliable, low maintenance (Folder, Ultra), sturdy mechanical disc brakes (City)
    -Suspension Fork: High-quality SR Suntour XCM30 (Folder)
    -Shimano derailleurs keep you on track
    -Gears (speeds): 21--Folder), 9--City Ultra, 7--City
    -Shimano trigger shifters
    -Folding bike frame for easy storage and transport (Folder)!
    -Folding pedals help save every inch (Folder)
    -Battery: Your choice! 12, 20 & 40-mile options
    -Motor: Your choice! 250-watt 24-volt or 350-watt 36-volt Bafang brushless planetary hub motor (motor is sealed, rain and mud-proof). These are the motors used on millions of high-end European e-bikes. The 250-watt motor wheel assists you up to 15mph when you engage the Grip Switch while the 350-watt system assists you up to 20mph. Makes you feel three times stronger.
  • Batteries 12-Mile Lithium Sprinter: 6.6Ah 3lb (2.5"x3"x8"); 20-Mile Lithium Commuter: 10Ah 4.5lb (3"x5"x8"); 36-volt Ranger, 7Ah 7.3lb (7.5"x4.5"x3.5") and 36-volt Horizon 11.6Ah 5.3lb (13"x4"x3.5") with key lock and LED 'fuel gauge'. Pre-installed in a rain and mud-proof quick-attach seat bag or case (choose your battery+motor Power System in drop-down menu at left of screen).
  • Grip Switch (24v) or Variable Thumb Throttle (36v) On/Off handlebar motor control installs quickly, lets YOU control when the battery gets used (for 250 watt kits only). Our 350-watt, 36-volt bikes include a variable speed thumb throttle.

  • Charger (smart/auto shutoff) for U.S./International 110-240v, 50-60hz wall sockets or extension cords.

Shipping & Warranty

Customized for you, and ready to ship in one week from time of purchase.
  • Standard 2-year warranty on all parts except for the battery, which is covered by a 1-year warranty. $100 local bike shop tune-up voucher included in your purchase. Just email us your receipt from your local bike shop tune-up within 60 days of purchase. If you have any production quality issue with any electric system component not due to normal wear and tear we'll replace it at no extra charge. Additional 2 year warranty coverage available (choose in Order Box to the left). See details
  • Shipping Costs $99 inside U.S., $150 Canada, $350 Intl.
  • Approximate Canadian Ground Shipment Fees
    Value: $599-$999
    Customs: $91.01-$220.01