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Electric Bike Report

Electric Bike Report is a website for electric bike reviews, news, guides (e-bike stores & manufacturers) events and e-bike riding and maintenance tips. Save money, go green, drive less, and have fun riding an electric bike!


Small Planet E Vehicles

Small Planet E Vehicles' mission is to help make our small world a better place. We primarily attempt this mission by providing sustainable electric bicycles and electric scooters. We believe electric vehicles and an electric vehicle infrastructure will go a long way to making our small planet a much better place. Other goals for SPEV are to be a growing and profitable company and an advocate and promoter of sustainable transportation. However, in this process, we will keep in mind the Native American Cree proverb, "Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned, and the last fish has been caught, will we realize that we can't eat money". This may be a time and a project when self interest and idealism has converged.


USWebStyle, LLC provides offshore web development services; develops custom web solutions and products for online community.



Fresh Scooters

We offer a variety of electric bike's and electric bike conversion kits.


Cheap Electric Scooters Online

Cheap Electric Scooters Online was formed with one very simple goal in mind...Encourage people to explore the outdoors! By offering a wide selection of electric scooters, electric bicycles and the high quality electric bicycle kits from Hill Topper, customers spend time enjoying the outdoors. We believe that those who enjoy the planet are more likely to protect it.

Fooducopia was founded in 2008 when two entrepreneurs realized a need to bridge the gap between small-scale producers and consumers. Our mission is simple: we connect food entrepreneurs and local farmers to customers across the country.


Carry Freedom

Our bicycle trailers make it easier to carry by bike. This makes more useful more often, encouraging more cycling and makes society healthier.



For all you adults out there! so... which Sidewalker® Scooter is for you? (These push scooters are designed for adults. Hold on tight and BE WARNED! They’re so much fun, children may try to take them away from you...)

This is the definitive internet resource for those seeking information related to powering a bicycle with an electric motor, gas engine or even a hydrogen powered fuel cell battery. You can rest assured that the links provided will take you somewhere meaningful, whether it be a vendor or educator in what was previously a vast wasteland of dead end searches. Check out the Endless Sphere Forum for a balanced view of electric bikes and DIY conversion kits. Try for gas powered bikes. More bike power knowledge, including legalities, can be found at the Yahoo Power-Assist Message Board.

The Electric Bike Will Change the Way We Live At E-BikeKit™ we are excited to offer the highest quality, most reliable and easy-to-use bicycle conversion kit system available in the United States.


Cactus Bike

Full Service Bicycle Sales & Service


Electric Bikes Northwest

We offer complete bikes from 250 to 750 Watts of power and kits from 250 to 500 Watts.


Mikes Bike Chalet

Sport, racing, stock, cruisers and touring Bicycle - we have the bikes, apparel and accessories you need to ride safely and in style.


Little City Cycles

Buy the bike you are going to ride!


Bicycle Guider

Best bikes & reviews!


Mobile Bike Repairs

Bicycle Nation offers a comprehensive array of bike repair and maintenance services with the added advantage that we are mobile.

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