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For the safety of everyone in the transportation network, it is extremely important to ship lithium batteries in strong packaging with correct information on the outside of the package. In order to comply with DOT and FAA regulations, your Hill Topper's Lithium batteries are required to ship via sturdy, specially-marked boxes. This requires they are packed in a UN spec box, and packaged according to federal regulations.

These regulations apply to inbound shipments to Hill Topper as well as outbound and therefore you, the customer, must comply with the regulations if you are return shipping batteries. This lithium battery shipping kit includes the following materials:

Proper outer packaging and inner packaging - 4G box, anti-static foam, and labels. You must protect your battery shipment by adding any additional cushioning necessary. The contents of the box cannot shift during transport.

The total charge and shipping cost includes supplies, labels, and shipping the kit to you. It DOES NOT INCLUDE the shipping cost for your battery to be shipped to us.

Lithium batteries are considered 'dangerous goods' and often must be declared and shipped as "Class 9 Hazardous Material."