Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit

What's a Hill Topper? It's an electric assist motor inside your front bike wheel. It's quick and easy to install. We offer 8, 12, 20 and 40 mile Lithium battery options. Pick the battery that best suits your needs.

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GREATEST of Customer Service!
Jeff Meuschke (Ft. Lauderdale) 2/8/2018 3:48 PM
Thank you Clean Republic for coming to my rescue when I had a battery issue last year. Under Warranty at 11.5 months, they without hesitation sent me an entire new $355 Battery pack when mine began to fail. I've gotten so much life, miles, and usage out of my Hill Topper from this first one and am about to replace the batteries again from so much more love on them. Seems the hub motor is going to last forever and that's what counts! Thanks guys! :)
Commuter was just what I needed.
Laurie E. (Washington, DC area) 12/30/2017 10:12 AM
With asthma, the commuter was just what I needed to get up these hills in the DC area without having an attack. With the 20 miles range, that gets me though my day, I can almost get about 35 miles in, since I only use the assist for hills, and I call any incline a hill. It came in two days, was very easy to install. I did it myself. It took me over an hour because I was scared, and watch the video over and over. Before I install this, I never did any work on my bike, not even changed a flat. When I do group rides, people notice that I'm no longer the last person up the hills and tell me to slow down! They are impressed that I was able to installed it myself. I brought this in Feb. 2017, had one problem with the on/off switch which customer service addressed, sent me a new switch and instructed me on how to install it myself. They actually sent two switches, other than that, I had no problems with it. Great customer service that stands behind their product, great product, equals happy customer.
SO much fun!
Jennifer (Redmond) 12/19/2017 5:31 PM
My biking enjoyment is so phenomenal now. I go biking much more now...no limits. I can do hills, long distance and also keep up with my husband. My friends has bought one. I have had mine for years.
Cynthia Emminger (Butler, PA) 10/16/2017 12:12 PM
With the hills we have in Pennsylvania taking a leisurely ride could be exhausting and unenjoyably tough! NOT now that I have my hill topper. I placed it on my tricycle and now when I want to go to the store when we are at camp all I do is hop on my bike! I love it so much I will be thinking about another one in the spring for when I am at home.
Hill Topper for Bike Friday Tandem
David Saxen (Seattle) 9/30/2017 10:22 PM
I purchased a Hill Topper Horizon with a 20" wheel for a Bike Friday Family Traveler that I ride my large and lazy 11 year old son to school. This conversion as been a blessing. What was once an absolutely daunting, exhausting and unsustainable routine due to a long slog from the ship canal to the top of Capitol Hill has become manageable, fun and reasonable to do daily. My wife can also now perform more of the transport with this set up. The Hill Topper Horizon has performed great, has plenty of power to climb Seattle's ubiquitous hills, and long enough battery life for 3 round trips (possibly more). Installation was simple, though I did have to file down my front dropouts very slightly for the axle to fit.
It will climb
David Hicks (Arkansas) 9/5/2017 2:07 PM
Got a 26 inch wheel with the 12 mile sprinter.Lucky I have a bunch of bikes it fit 1 out of 9. However it works great on the one it did fit. Getting 27 miles on a 12 mile battery on a heavy huffy cruiser loaded with groceries and 185 pounds of me &lots of hills and they are steep and long.
Best Product in the Market
Jim Kelley (Andover, MN) 8/29/2017 6:56 PM
After buying a 26" kit for my wife, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to install. I was so satisfied with the quality, I bought another kit for my bike. Normally you'd think this the end of the review, but something happened that made me even more a fan. My wife's bike was an old fashioned single speed cruiser and she decided to get a multi speed bike. It took only a few minutes to move the Hill Topper from her old bike to the new one. This is a great additional benefit.
Horizon Kit
Mark McCullough (OH) 6/26/2017 11:49 AM
Recently purchased the Horizon kit. Fast Shipping & Excellent Customer Support! Installation was effortless on my 1985 Schwinn mountain bike! I'm approaching 64 and bike riding was more work than pleasure Until I got the Horizon kit! Unreal performance! I use it to assist my peddling and assist is an understatement. It makes riding a complete pleasure again. No more straining on hills or windy conditions. Haven't found a hill this can't climb yet. I do pedal while using this but with Absolutely No strain. The quality is Excellent! Fit and Finish Perfect! This model also has a hard battery shell with a battery gauge and a throttle control. Well worth the extra $$! Just took this on a 10 mile jaunt with many hills yesterday and I used the Horizon most the time! When I got home I checked the charge and it only used up 1 LED! Amazing! I've only had this a few days but am So Impressed and excited to be bike riding again. Also took it on a local mountain bike trail and it took me Everywhere. The supplied tire isn't a mountain bike tire but worked OK for that. You can easily change tires. The supplied rim is fantastic. More sturdy and durable than the original rim. SS spokes, etc. The hub motor is also Top quality and very quiet! I know it's expensive but it will change your bicycling lifestyle forever. Highly Recommended!!
great kit
william forrester (brooklyn new york) 5/23/2017 12:50 PM
waited 4 years to right a review i test for the long hall basic kit 8 mile battery four years latter still commuting to work every day i have 7 mile round trip commute never had a single complaint best investment ever
steve f (atlanta) 5/17/2017 2:54 PM
Bought the Sprinter a few years ago and installed it on a Schwinn Jaguar. The wheel matched rear perfectly. No problems with it, but you'll pedal a lot in a hilly town like Atlanta. Where it really shines is on the bike trails, with mild hills, and no one suspects that you have a motor, it is so quiet, and looks like a brake drum. Before this, I tried a gas motor on another bike, but it was hard to operate, noisy, and had very high maintenance.
Easy to Ride, Easy to Load
Kay (Michigan) 4/2/2017 12:31 PM
am a woman in my 70’s and had no problem installing the electric bike kit. I got on the bike for my first ride, and I wish you could have seen the smile on my face! I had ridden a lot of e-bikes before and found them heavy to ride without the battery going, hard to control, and one even bucked every time it turned on. I put the 250 W , commuter battery kit on an older Specialized Vita I had. I put a more upright handlebar on the bike and installed a back rack for the battery. The kit seemed to add little weight to the bike and I was able to zip along the flats without the battery on, but it was so wonderful to have something to get up those hills and against a head wind. I was also able to lift the front wheel up to go inside my van, a Ford Transit Connect. It is so much lighter than an e-bike that I did not have the strength to load. If i have helped you make a decision, please use my code for the discount: Bluejay.
Hills can't stop me now
Brenda Linley (Iowa City) 3/27/2017 10:12 AM
Iowa City is a hilly little town and I live atop a pretty one. As a beginning cyclist it has kept me from biking regularly. But no more! I now commute to my night-time teaching gig 1.5 miles away. I run errands on my bike with a bike trailer and my little one tagging along. It's been an amazing change for me. My older kids ask me to wait to run errands so they can bike along with us. Thank you so much from this formerly sedentary mom. Brenda
Another happy Biker!
Bernhard Goetsch (High Point, NC) 3/6/2017 11:33 AM
Got the 24V 250 W Kit. Installation was easy. Made 2 long excursions in a hilly countryside---this is HEAVEN! Takes a hill with ease (even though I helped it anyway, because it is so easy) I am 69, had my bike sitting in the garage and always found an excuse to skip a ride. Now I SEEK an excuse to use it!!! I have only one regret: It took me 3 month to decide on the purchase. I could have had 3 more month of pure enjoyment. Thank You for a great product, Clean Republic!!
Best Retro To Creat Electric Bike
Ken Johnson (Oro Valley AZ) 2/11/2017 4:51 AM
Originally from Seattle. I was in the market to buy Electric Bike. Found Clean Republic instead. Best Decision I could have made. So good had my wife buy one also. We purchased 20mile Commuter Package. Retro'd my REI Novaro Jaunt--Cruiser bike. Retro'd my wife's Electra Townie--also Cruiser. Sweet--Oro Valley Az--has at least--100 miles of paved bike trails. Even better than Seattle.
Update 11 Months Later!
LivingLight (The Villages, Fl.) 2/9/2017 4:03 AM
Still in LOVE? OH YEAH!!! The best part is, I could recycle my own Bike. It now has been 11 (eleven) months since my purchase. I am extremely over the TOP still in LOVE with my now converted Bike. I have had ZERO problems with my 700c 24v 250w 20-mile Kit. My Old bike now is my PLAN-B. When all else fails...I can recharge with a generator. Charge the Generator with solar panels. I use my bike to go everywhere without fear of hills, restarting after a complete stop and I can spread the word about clean transportation. If you decide to purchase, get a discount using the DISCOUNT CODE: livinglight
I'm mountain biking again- 2 wheel drive!
mr crainge (northern califonia) 12/26/2016 6:18 AM
I bought the 20mile kit with some concern that the wheel, motor, or other parts would be insufficient for rugged mountain biking. Ha, I was wrong and glad. MY mountain bike takes me up 1900 feet of rocky,root and rut filled single track in no time. Climbing is better than expected. With pedaling, yet in 2nd or 3rd gear opposed to climbing gear, I can easily navigate rugged trails wet or dry, much faster. Having front wheel drive while climbing is fabulous. I have jammed down these single tracks with a front suspension fork of low quality and have not had a single problem or run out of battery on these trips. Honestly, my bike takes quite a beating and I am impressed that everything is still working like new a year later. Only suggestion would be a meter on the battery or one available to buy. Accelerator button is difficult to keep pushed down when climbing rocky trails. (not designed for this, I modified a bit to make trigger a bit larger.) Bottom line, I love the kit. I am mountain biking again, and if your wondering can withstand off road...yes!
At 68 years old sometimes you need help.
Dan Miller (Boynton Beach, FL) 12/3/2016 11:46 AM
My kit came in and I had to grind inner forks on my bike to clear the new wheel hub. Installed easy and charges in 3-4 hours. This is a blessing. Reaches 15 mph with me at 195 pounds. I am extremely happy with my new old bike.
love this kit!!!
Alex Cruz (Los Angeles) 12/1/2016 12:35 PM
I have been looking at the conversion kit scene for a while, but Clean Republic won my money because they offer returns, that tells me they stand by their product because they know they have a great product. I bought the economy kit, and I love this thing, it turns my two-mile commute into a breeze. I'm a big guy 300lbs plus, and this pulls me fine don't let your weight stop you. I am riding longer getting more exercise I love it. I'm looking at getting the ranger kit for my mountain bike next year, I'm that in love with this product I could not recommend it highly enough!!!
The 24v takes the suck out of hills!
Eric (Seattle, WA) 10/23/2016 4:20 PM
I decided to purchase a Hill Topper Sprinter 24v for my Bacchetta Giro 20 recumbent bike -- and I just took it out for its first test-ride. So far, it’s working well! The Sprinter’s battery fits neatly into the bottle cage behind my seat. The cables from the wheel to the handlebar and to the battery are plenty (but not too much). And the wheel itself fit my fork with just a little adjusting of the spacer rings and of the brake pads (as the rim is a bit wider than the original rim). My Giro 20, with all its gear (including the Sprinter itself, weighs in at about 55lbs. I live at the bottom of a half-mile 7.5% grade hill — and with the Hill Topper activated, I’m able to pedal moderately and go about 13 mph up the hill. It definitely takes the suck out of the hill (which is the start of pretty much every ride I go on). On a relatively flat grade, I can go about 14 mph without pedaling at all. And, it helps if I need a faster start accelerating out of a traffic stop. I’d thought about buying the 36v kit, but opted for the 24v kit for several reasons: 1) it’s less expensive, 2) the battery option (e.g., the Sprinter) was lighter and smaller, 3) the motor switch was smaller and didn’t require me to re-arrange my handlebar set-up, and 4) I didn’t figure I’d need that much power, although at 55lbs total, my bike does fall in the market for which the 36v kit might be intended. But, I didn’t buy the Hill Topper to haul me around, just to take the pain & huffing out of riding up some of the bigger hills near where I live. So, that’s the update of the moment! Thanks from a happy customer!
Perfect for San Francisco hills!
Kristen (San Francisco) 10/22/2016 6:20 PM
Living in SF, my main mode of transportation is by bike. I'm a woman in my 30s, and had trouble getting up all the hills under my own power, so I bought the 12 mile kit and had my local bike shop put it on for me. I have a Public Bikes step-through style bike with a heavy steel frame, and the kit fits on perfectly. No joke- the Hill Topper kit has changed my life! I cannot believe how fast I can get around; on flat ground without pedaling the motor is almost too fast. Going up steep hills, I do have to pedal in a low gear but am able to make it up the hill with minimal exertion. I would recommend this kit to anyone looking for an economical way to upgrade your current bike.
Simple and Right
Mike H (Midwest) 9/7/2016 6:10 PM
For anyone wanting a real quality ebike conversion that is simple to install and maintain this is it. I installed the 24V 20 mile kit on a 24" Tern folding bike and it was a perfect match. The bike will scoot along in high gear at 20 mph and you will fill like superman on the pedals. Not as sophisticated as a sensing pedal assist system but for most of us we are just going to run it wide open all the time anyway so you don't need the rest of the junk that comes with the Chinese kits. These are well made and economical in design to minimize weight and maximize distance. If you want to build a dragster then the high watt kits might be be a better fit but if you are looking for good transportation across town this is the dependable way to go. It is a high quality kit and the cleanest you will find.
Simple, efficient, perfect
Jon (Seattle) 8/26/2016 12:38 PM
For anyone considering the 350-watt system, here’s what I’ve experienced. Up mild grades that are normally ridden at a slow but manageable pace, the motor can double my road speed and greatly reduce the applied effort. On level ground, the hub makes pedaling optional. When the bike’s panniers are loaded with groceries, steep hills that typically have me working hard and sweating in granny gear become much less challenging. I do have to approach these mini-mountains at about 10 mph and then maintain a quick cadence to keep the motor in its happy rpm zone. These motors are intended to ‘assist' you and on a long climb it’s sooo nice to have the boost. My normal grocery run without power assist would take about 45 minutes of riding round-trip. I live on top of a hill and about 80% of that time was climbing back home. With the 350 hub, I can do the journey in around 20 minutes if I'm heavy on the throttle and don't cheat on the leg work. Now, I can buy ice cream. :) I haul my bike inside a small hatchback car when occasionally traveling to distant ride sites and that always requires removal of the front wheel. To remove the 350 hub, the only tool needed for the 18mm axle nuts is a Crescent wrench. With the wheel off and the battery bag unstrapped from the rack, the bike is then as lightweight and easy to load as it was before the power assist was added. Also, if you ride trails that do not allow motorized bikes, it’s just as simple to put the original front wheel back on. From what I’ve seen out in the e-bike world, that versatility is a rare feature…. and I really appreciate it.
Outstanding E Conversion of Standard Bicycle
John Schuster (Woodbury, Minnesota) 8/23/2016 2:57 PM
When I ordered I made a mistake and ordered the wrong wheel size. I was immediately shipped the correct one and later reimbursed after I sent the wrong one back. I have the 36 Volt. On the hills and slopes where I live, I am now getting over 12 miles on a charge. I have learned to throttle only when I need extra power. I plan to buy a spare battery and then get 25 miles. This is good since I weigh over 200 lbs. and the original rating is for a 170 lb. on flat terrain. So, I am very pleased. I am 70 years old.
Like an angel put its hand on your back to help!
Deborah Bennett (Colorado) 8/22/2016 3:10 PM
My husband and I purchased 12 mile batteries for our hybrid style mountain bikes. We're 66 and 68, fit but facing decreasing endurance for longer rides. Before the Hill Topper kits on our bikes, we'd think twice about a 15 mile ride on single track. We travel frequently and are always searching for great places to ride in the dirt. Now we have confidence that our batteries will help us get back to the van. We try to use the battery only when necessary to conserve power for the return. Having the angel's hand on your back when a hill looms has made so much difference in our enjoyment. It's all the pleasure without the pain! We've gone further with less energy expended than we ever did before. Here in Salida Colorado we've been on some great biking trails in the hills above town, "hitting the button " just to get a boost up a rise or gully. Then when we return to the van, we plug the chargers into an inexpensive inverter in the 12 volt outlet and charge them up with the van's battery, either while parked for the night or while traveling down the road. Our only challenge has been in guessing how much battery remains, which is quite dependent upon the height of the hills and distance, of course. My husband's battery is gone before mine, as he outweighs me by 70 pounds. He probably should have bought the 20 mile battery. Others have written about using the Hill Topper in town on familiar turf, but we want to say that mountain biking with the battery is a blast and you'll have so much fun! If you decide to buy one, you'll get a discount if you use the referral code "deborahbennett" at checkout.
Good low-cost commuting ebike kit, modest power adequate
Dewey (Arlington, VA) 7/12/2016 7:28 AM
I live in Arlington, VA and due to recent MetroRail track work I chose the hill topper electric front wheel kit to ride the 4 miles to and from work in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, DC. From the banks of the Potomac River at Rosslyn, the Custis and Arlington Blvd Trails rise about 600 feet in two miles to the neighborhoods behind Arlington National Cemetery which have 'Heights' in the name. I bought the $500 economy 8-mile model that adds about 20 pounds to my heavy steel 1990's 21-speed hybrid. Combined weight of me, the bike, plus my commuting gear, means this little 250 watt 8fun motor is hauling about 280 pounds. With the motor I can ride up the hills in middle gear and with hard pedalling manage about 6-8mph, on the steepest sections of the hills the motor cannot pull the weight so it feels like I am riding a tandem with one other rider helping which is still an improvement on no assistance and I appreciate the exercise. On the flats or a slight incline I find myself staying mostly in top gear and averaging about 10-12mph. On the downhill the motor doesn't provide assistance which is great if like me you don't want to go faster than 15mph. I appreciate the modest boost when taking off from a full stop on the road at a stop sign or traffic light signal.