Quick Release Axle

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Customer Benefits:

  • Added convenience when removing wheels for transport in trunks or rack systems.
  • Repair flat tires or mechanical breakdowns on the go without the use of tools.
  • A safer quick release (Independent cams on each side of the hub!)

Axle Compatibility:

Compatible with Hill Topper 250w hub motors.

 A Safer Quick Release:

  • Due to the independent dual cam system, if one of the cams releases while riding, the cam on the opposite side of the hub would retain the wheel connection and prevent detachment.
  • "Open" warning indicators
  • Existing hooked washers, eyelets in forks, and lipped dropouts are recommended when installing the Axle Release system.
  • The knurled teeth on the end of the Axle Release bites into the bicycle's dropout to prevent slippage.
  • The innovative Axle Release design incorporates the use of rotational washers. These washers rotate the final, closed handle positions so that both levers line up symmetrically when installed.
  • 3 piece design, black laser etched graphics
  • Knurled base, nylon cam/spacer
  • Exposed cam design
  • 150 degree Safety Stop in open position
  • ARWASHRKIT pack included
  • Each assembly: 3 oz
  • Note - There are two quick release axle levers per package