Dear Hill Topper Customer,

Our team wants to reach out proactively as we have identified a potential problem with some Hill Topper systems purchased from January 1st, 2017 through May 2018, that may under certain situations permit water to get inside the controller and affect the circuit board.

Under extreme conditions of heavy water coverage, such as prolonged full submersion underwater, or a rare combination of extremely heavy rain and a given mounting position of the battery, the motor control circuit may get wet and activate the motor intermittently and independent of the handlebar control, causing an uncomfortable and possibly unsafe situation for the rider.

We understand this may sound concerning but we want you to feel comfortable in knowing that any well tuned hand brake should be strong enough to stop the bike at any time and at any point in the motor’s acceleration, during normal usage or otherwise. If at any point your bicycle accelerates unexpectedly in heavy rain please apply your hand brake.

A solution to this issue has been identified and our team is working diligently to ensure it is implemented in all new units. If you experience any issues with your Hill Topper system don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team (

Specific Suggested Action: The issue only arises when the motor control circuit gets wet -- Do not permit the battery pack, which holds the motor controller, to be heavily soaked in water. Getting water into the motor controller is difficult but if you anticipate riding in heavy rainfall, put your battery pack inside a waterproof bag. Please avoid heavy soaking.

If you are still concerned, to avoid this problem even in heavy rain, contact us for available alternative options. In some cases at no charge we can upgrade you to a new motor controller.

We will continue to make all support services available to you at all times, as always.


The Hill Topper Team