Shipping Policy

We typically use UPS Ground + Tracking for domestic shipping.

FedEx, USPS, or DHL is used for international shipping depending on the product and country. To calculate exact shipping rates please go to our website and enter your order and shipping address.

The shipping price will be displayed BEFORE you purchase your order. It costs about $35-$45 to ship the Hill Topper kit domestically and $110-$190 to ship it internationally.
*Note* our shipping fees do not include import fees, duties, VAT, or any other fees that may be assoicated with importing our product.** For Canadian customers, there will be additional customs fees based on the value of the product that will range between $91.01-$180.01 for Hill Toppers and ProPacks, between $50.48-$134.09 for Hill Topper batteries, and $32.03 and more for Dakota Lithium batteries, depending on the quantity ordered.